RTB DESIGN services specialize in modern design that evokes thoughtful relationships between the client and their built environment. We create projects that are infused with both function and meaning by bringing to a space a simple idea, or common thread, that gets played out in different ways. The private or public space that we develop with the client is not just a backdrop to living, but quietly responds to its inhabitants, just as its inhabitants respond to it. The culmination of a project results in weaving the thread throughout the design elements into a rich and unifying tapestry.

In 2004, Reid began his own practice, specializing in residential design in New York City and the region. Our work now extends to The Hamptons, Colorado, South Florida and The Bahamas. Beyond his architectural background, Reid brings earlier academic credentials of a Bachelor of Arts in African Studies from Colgate University. Reid's extensive travels throughout the world and in particular Africa, have informed his sensitivity to diverse cultures and different ways of living.

RTB Design’s work has been featured in national publications such as HC&G, Tropic, Coastal Living, Mountain Living and Ski Magazine.